Firewood Deliveries

We offer delivery Auckland wide with a minimum delivery of 2 cubic meters. Our delivery truck can hold up to 6 cubic meters and is agile enough to manoeuvre your driveway. As our yard is based in Drury, South Auckland; deliveries over 30km from Drury may incur a delivery fee. Orders for 6m cube (truck load) are delivered free through the city and outer suburbs.

For a specific delivery quote simply select your firewood type and proceed to the checkout, this will give you an accurate price based on your distance from our yard.

Dry Firewood Pricing

Pine Soft Blocks

Untreated Pine Blocks are excellent for getting the fire started and make quick and easy kindling. These blocks are fast burning and we recommend you order a slower burning wood such as gum to keep the fire burning.


Hotmix On Special!

Our hotmix is a combination of hard, slow burning wood such as gum and soft fast burning wood such as pine. It may also contain oak, macrocarpa, poplar, tea tree and black wattle. It is popular as it provides fast starting and long burning firewood. Hotmix is our most common firewood supplied to Auckland homes.


Macrocarpa (Cupressus Macrocarpa)

Macrocarpa is a common firewood in New Zealand due to its medium heat output and ease to ignite. However, if you have a open fire and dislike sparks and ‘popping’ then this wood isn’t for you.


Gum (Eucalyptus)

Gum is a hardwood and therefore is long and hot burning, we recommend starting the fire with a soft wood such as pine. Gum is great if you like filling up the fire box and relaxing, as the wood will take so long to burn down.


Black Wattle (Acacia)

Native to Australia, Black Wattle is a excellent firewood with a heat output similar to Gum. We recommend buying pine soft blocks in addition to this wood. (Made to order)


We buy Logs

We are always on the look out for wood, weather is be in log form (preferred), ring form ,whole trees or firewood. There must be at least 10 tonne for it to be worth our while and we are fully capable of unloading log trucks from our yard. If you are wanting standing trees removed we are after Macrocarpa and Gums, and we can arrange for them to be felled and removed. There must be a minimum  of 20 trees and higher volume means we can do the job for a lower cost – or even at no cost. Please contact Carlos on mobile number below to discuss.

Contact Details

Free Phone:09 277 8850

Mobile:021 164 7365

Bank Transfer Payments

Account number ; 12 3031 0419107 00  – Please Reference with either your Street Address or Order Number.